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1) Authorization Forms: Choose One of the Three forms

Allows The Law Office of Bruce D. Stuart to talk to your lender on your behalf.

Authorization Form (Generic)If your lender is not B of A or Chase

Authorization Form (Bank of America)If your Lender is B of A

Authorization Form (Chase) If your Lender is Chase

2) Request for Modification Affadavit (RMA)

A lengthy form that asks personal, as well as income and debt related information.

RMA (All Lenders)

3) 4506-T Tax Form

Allows the bank to pull your tax returns from the years specified on the form.

4506-T (All Lenders)

4) Financial Form

A generic financial form that compares your expenses and debt to income.

Financial (All Lenders)

5) Hardship Letter

A self written letter that describes your harship to the bank

Hardship Letter (All Lenders)

In addition to the documents above, the following are also required for loan modification:

1) Last 2 months of personal bank statements

2) Last 2 consecutive Pay Stubs, or statement of income if self employed

3) Last 2 years of tax returns

4) A loan statement from your lender

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