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Loan Modifications

For people who want to keep their home

A loan modification is a process that changes the terms of your existing loan. Certain loan modifications are simple enough, but the degree of difficulty completely depends on the particular circumstances surrounding the loan. At the Law Offices of Bruce D. Stuart, we have the real-world experience to negotiate with your lender to give you, the homeowner, the most benefit by completing one or more of the following:

  • A reduction in your monthly payment
  • A reduction in your interest rate
  • Extended time to pay off your delinquent payments
  • A deferment of any late fees
  • A payment plan for paying off past due balances.

There are three primary steps involved in modifying a loan: first, we must collect a series of financial and tax documents; second, we contact the lender regarding the loan and initiate the negotiation process; and finally we submit the necessary documentation along with a check for your first of three trial payments once you have been approved.

While a loan modification, in select circumstances, may be relatively straightforward, it can turn into complicated process with lenders who seem disinterested and unhelpful. With our firm's experience, we have been able to achieve a great rate of success. Borrowers must understand that the decision ultimately rests with the lender, thus no one besides the lender can ever guarantee any result.

Short Sales

For people who want to leave their home

A short sale is when you sell your house for less than your unpaid principal balance. The lenders are willing to take a loss on the sale of the property because they are already losing money in this economy. In order for a lender to even consider a short sale, the borrower must be at least three months behind.

A short sale is good option for people who cannot afford their homes, and want to get out of the situation with the least amount of damage done to their credit.

A Short Sale is a great tactic to avoid FORECLOSURE, and buy yourself some time. By doing a Short Sale, you can extend your SALE DATE. As long as the Short Sale is being worked on, your Sale Date will keep being extended. You might even qualify for a CASH incetive to move out, which is typically $3,000, but in a couple of our Short Sales has been up to $30,000! A Short Sale is much better for your credit than a Foreclosure.

For a list of our short sales, click here.


Under certain circumstances, we will be unable to postpone your Foreclosure sale date by using one of the tactics above. In that case, it is pertinent that you file Bankruptcy right away. Call our office and we can file a Bankruptcy for you.

Law Suit

At times, the banks will refuse to negotiate with you, and the only option is to sue them.

These Lawsuits actually work best in Orange County, where laws have been passed that can enable you to get a Temporary Restraining Order on a Lender in order to stop a Sale Date.

We can file a lawsuit which will stop your foreclosure sale for 90 days.

FORCE your lender to sit down with you (attorney to attorney) to make a meaningful negotiation towards a loan mod


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